6 Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom With A Frameless Glass Shower Door


The old standard was a bathtub/shower combo with a shower curtain on rings. The problem with this early shower method is that shower curtains inevitably leak and their liners get moldy, since they rarely have time to dry out completely. The only stylish thing about the set up was the shower curtain, and even that was a “maybe” situation.

Next came the sliding glass door attached to the bathtub via an aluminum channel. Better looking, but that darned channel seemed to collect “gunk” like nobody’s business and was not exactly a breeze to clean either!

Enter, the frameless glass shower door, superior in so many ways. They’re sleek and modern with thicker glass, and a whole heck of a lot easier to keep clean with no track to worry about! You can even have them “customized” to open from the right or from the left, whichever works best in your bathroom. And best of all — they look downright gorgeous! If you need proof, take a look at the following 6 links to rooms that would be okay without their frameless shower doors, but earn the “Wow” factor with them:


  1. Not only does this frameless shower door add elegance and modernity to this bathroom, but it lets additional light into the room via the in-shower window. The same applies to this small bathroom, which might feel a bit claustrophobic without the light from the window coming through the sleek frameless door. When a room is small, keeping the look clean-lined and modern makes the space feel larger, too.
  2. The expanse of glass around this shower with its frameless door maintains continuity and adds a sense of calm to this monochromatic bathroom.
  3. This modern bathroom is the epitome of luxury with its frameless glass shower, arched window with etching, and an etched glass entry door. The funky chandelier doesn’t hurt the ritzy feeling either!
  4. A tiny shower benefits from the use of a pivoting glass shower door’s ability make it seem larger.
  5. Proving its versatility, a corner shower with a frameless glass door looks right at home in a vintage bathroom, too. They work in traditional and even rustic settings too, lest you imagine that a modern bathroom is the only place they’ll look “right”.
  6. One of the best things about a frameless glass shower door is that it shows off the beautiful interiors of many of today’s showers, such as this one with marble inlay, allowing a clear, unobstructed view.

Picture of wooden details in luxury bathroom

It’s worth noting that the frameless glass shower doors shown in the links above are the pivoting variety, meaning they open just like a regular door. You can also get a bypass frameless door, which are simply sliding sheets of glass that allow entrance into a shower or shower/tub combo. And you can upgrade either option with etching for a frosted effect if you prefer a little privacy in the shower.

If you’re considering a frameless shower door, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can install one yourself. This is project that is not a DIY weekend job. For one thing, they’re heavy (up to 70 lbs.) and difficult to install. Considering that they’re an investment, installation is definitely a job for a professional.

As you can see, frameless glass shower doors allow for more creative layouts than framed shower doors, and since they’re cut to size, you get a custom fit instead of having to limit yourself to stock sizes. They have a distinctive visual appeal that makes any bathroom look more stylish and beautiful! If you’re renovating a bathroom or planning one for a newly built home, they’re definitely an asset worth considering for turning a “nice” bathroom into an outstanding one!


A storefront designed to look historic

5 Ways Your Customers’ Experience Can Be Enhanced With Storefront Windows

If you own a small business with a storefront, you know that your storefront window is the first thing people are going to encounter that tells them what your business is like.  Here are five ways you can make sure to enhance your customers’ experience with that storefront window.

Give them a taste of what’s inside

Design amazing storefronts with Shiver Glass
When you relate your storefront to your business, it helps ensure that the people who want to use your business are the ones who are attracted inside.  Make sure your storefront shows people what they can expect.
The storefront at Ferragamo shows us not examples of what they sell, but in a format that is exciting and unusual.  The shoe shape and design draws the customer into the window, and the actual shoes pull the customer into the store.

Give them a story

Create a retail story with Shiver GlassNothing draws people in like telling them a story.  When you set up a story in your windows, people will stop, giving your store the advantage of capturing their attention. Rigby and Peller’s elegant storefront has not only an architectural draw, but the display is one that tells a story, and leaves the customer to fill in the holes and create a story as well. Fendi gives passersby a snapshot of a story (while also allowing customers to see inside the store).

Give them a view

givecustomersaviewofyourstoreWhether you give them layers of item to see that expresses something important, or you give them a direct view of the store itself, you’ll be able to tell people what you want them to know.  Allowing people to see into the store itself allows customers to anticipate what they will experience when they enter. The nearly floor-to-ceiling paned storefront windows at Aurelie Bidermann are used to do a sparing display which allows customers to see inside. Dille & Kamille offers customers a direct view to the interior.  The large-scale exterior complements the busy, detailed interior.

Give them a colorful experience

Colorful Retail Storefronts by ShiverGlassPeople are automatically attracted to color.  Want to have your customers enter your store in a particular frame of mind?  Believe it or not, color can affect people’s mood.  According to the Huffington Post, there really is something to red being exciting and blue being calming.  Use that information to predetermine what kind of mood your customers will be in as they begin their shopping experience with your business. Anthropologie’s paper butterfly storefront is sure to bring people in the store in a bright, happy mood.  Yellow says spring and energy. Luis Vuitton‘s storefront employs storytelling along with vibrant red and orange colors, enticing people to enter in an excited mood.

Give them something architectural

A storefront designed to look historicAn unusual architectural design can give your customers an immediate connection to the kind of business you have. An elegant business calls for elegance in storefront window design.  This upscale holiday rental business presents beautiful lines to the public.  Curved glass adds to the feeling of elegance. Chanel’s distinctively patterned windows ensure that customers already know where they are. The high arched windows in this streamline storefront allow the focus to be on what is inside. 

Your storefront is the beginning of your contact with customers.  Be sure it gives people the first impression you are hoping for.  Starting with an architectural design that inspires and is inspired by your business allows you to take whatever direction you prefer.  There are many options to choose from as far as setting the stage for enticing your customers and getting them into the frame of mind you desire.  Whether you tell a story, say it with color, give them a view, or some combination of all of these, your customers will enter with an expectation of your store that you can then supply.

Strategically places mirrors can help you home feel open

Using Mirrors to Design Amazing Interiors

A mirror can provide answers to all sorts of interior design dilemmas. It can be traditionally framed and hung, used as a backsplash in a kitchen, used in multiples to cover a wall, and much more. Everybody knows that aside from its intended use as a place to groom or check your outfit, a mirror makes a small space look bigger. But that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of using mirrors in interior design. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Follow the links below to rooms (courtesy of Houzz) that use mirrors in ways you may never have imagined to solve a multitude of problems and to enhance natural light …

Mirrors For Dark or Confined Spaces

Ways to use mirrors in dark spaces

A mirror and a hallway are a match made in heaven. That’s because, of course, hallways are narrow and confining spaces and mirrors make them look larger. They also have a tendency to be on the dark side. Mirrors reflect light, making a dark space look brighter, especially if you use white or light-colored paint on the walls. You can also place them so they reflect something beautiful in the hallway, whether that’s a piece of art on the wall or a beautiful vase of flowers. Clever use of mirrors make a tiny, windowless powder room feel less confining and brighter as it bounces light from the fixture around the room. Here again, a white background increases the light reflecting effect.

Strategically Placed Mirrors

Strategically places mirrors can help you home feel open

Strategic placement of mirrors can be used to multiply one beautiful feature in a room. In this stunning bedroom, your eye is fooled into thinking the bed is surrounded by stained glass windows. In fact the only stain glassed window in the room is the beautiful arched window behind the bed. The other “windows” are actually mirrors mounted in rows on the room’s slanted ceiling. Brilliant!. Another example of strategic reflection is this clever use of six identical mirrors mounted to resemble a window on the wall behind the sofa, giving the illusion that there’s another room beyond. One large wall-sized mirror wouldn’t have the same effect, and sometimes confuses people as to where the room actually ends.

Layering Mirrors

Layering Mirrors

Layering mirrors adds interest, dimension and utility all at the same time in this bathroom which layers a tilting mirror on top of a wall-mounted mirror and tops that off with a round magnifying mirror on an extension arm mounted on the side wall. You can also use the layering trick to create a focal point, add interest and create an intimate mood.

Using Mirrors as Art

using mirrors as art can add a great feature to your home

Custom-made or sculptural mirrors are art in and of themselves, while at the same time offering the same light-reflecting, size-enhancing features that any ordinary mirror provides. A really unusual mirror creates an immediate focal point in this living room. It literally draws your eye as soon as you enter the room. A collection of round mirrors in varying sizes create an artful statement in a contemporary hallway. Another collection of wood-framed round mirrors in varying sizes make a unique stairway art display as opposed to the usual and expected framed photo gallery. They also reflect a little light into a dark space.

Outdoor Mirrors

OutDoors Mirrors are a unique addition

A mirror placed against a dark fence reflects light and color from the garden beyond and seems almost like living art. Mirrored exterior walls reflect light from different angles, making a patio and surrounding flower beds seem more expansive. Hang a mirror low on a garden shed to reflect the garden and an interesting or beautiful garden sculpture.

There are literally hundreds of unusual ways to enhance your interior (and even your exterior!) using mirrors. All it takes is a creative imagination!