3 Ways to Increase The Security Of Your Windows


There are many threats facing your windows. The steps you take to protect them will determine how vulnerable you are to these risks. Take into account these three factors of window security, and make sure that your windows are better protected.

1. Impact Resistance

Despite what most people think about window glass, it does not have to be fragile. It is true that most standard windows have non-impact glass installed, but there is a significant difference between impact windows and non-impact windows. With impact resistance, you are getting more security. The glass is less likely to break from the harsh weather, animal activity, and a burglar’s forced entry attempts.

Once a window is broken, there is a way to enter the home. Standard glass is more likely to shatter almost completely after an impact, opposed to only having puncture points, scuffs, or cracking. With impact windows, you are stealing time from any would-be burglars and giving yourself more time for yourself or the authorities, to respond. Even if your windows were not installed with impact resistant glass, you can purchase aftermarket security film. These products can vary in quality, with the weakest resisting shallow cuts and the strongest not shattering after being shot with a gun.

2. Maintenance/Replacement

There are many signs that you need replace your windows. One of the most dangerous for your security is also one of the most seemingly innocuous. When your window is either sticking shut or will not fully shut, this increase the chance of an attempted break-in. When a window will not fully close, they are visibly insecure to anyone scoping out your property. Less obviously, a window that sticks shut is also a bad for your security, as residents will be less likely to close it knowing that it will be hard to open back up. This keeps windows open when it would be safer to close them.

Besides replacement, some of these issues can be handled by calling a professional to fix your windows. Leaving anything broken on a window is bad for your security. This is especially true if the glass itself needs to be replaced due to shattering or breaks. Obviously compromised windows are a prime target for criminals. The newer and well maintained a window looks, the more discouraged a burglar will be to even approach.

3. Locks & Lock Proximity

One of the factors that really puts a window in danger is the type of locks it uses and the locks used around it. If a thief can see a lock through the window, and it is within arms reach from outside the home, they are more likely to break the window. That is why it is important to have the proper locks installed.

Impact resistance will prevent an easy entrance, but anything will break eventually. When parts of the glass begin to break, criminals will still be able to reach through and manipulate locks. That is why it is so important to have keyed locks next to windows. The use of a thumb-turn deadbolt or latch locks by windows compromises the security of the window. If you are not using keyed cylinders, you should consider changing your locks to something more secure.


If your windows are protected against forced entry, criminals are less likely to break in through the glass. Maintenance will make sure that your windows have a full range of functionality. From there you need to make sure that the locks around the window glass do not advertise a vulnerability. With these three safety measures in place, your windows will be incredibly secure. However, there is still more that you can do to protect your windows. Get started today and have a safer tomorrow.

This post was written by Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety, offering tips, advice, and how-tos for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.

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