7 Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Home Decorating

Use Mirrors In Your Home Decorating

Mirrors are so much more than reflective glass. They are decorative tools that can be used to create breathtaking aesthetics within your home. You don’t want to go with the same boring reparations that everyone else is using. Mirrors have been used for decorating walls and living spaces for centuries, and here are some fun ways for you to use them in your home.

#1. Collage of mirrors.


Get creative with a wall. Rather than buying expensive artwork that may not have any kind of meaning to you, you can create a collage with small mirrors. You may want to try a variety of different sizes of a single shape, such as squares, circles, or even trapezoids.

#2. Place a large mirror within the opening of your fireplace.


During the months of the year when you are not going to be using your fireplace, place a large mirror in the opening. You can then place candles in the front as a way of creating a beautiful light show. It won’t generate as much heat, but you can still utilize the beautiful feature that you have within your home.

#3. Create a “Window”


You may not have as many windows in your home as you would like. Special placing of mirrors on the opposite wall of the window can help to provide a reflection of the outdoors. It will make the space look a lot larger, and potentially add in more sunlight as well.

#4. Have a mirrored table made.


There are plenty of glass and wooden coffee tables. You can stand out and have a mirrored reflection instead, which can add beauty and make it a conversation piece. If you have a coffee table with a piece of glass already, you can simply replace it with the mirror. Following some dos and don’ts with furniture design can go a long way.

#5. Frame a mirror.


You may have a very specific style within your home, whether it is Renaissance, New Age, modern, or anything else. You can choose a picture frame from that style and then frame a mirror. This can be used within your home as a vanity mirror, above your dresser in your bedroom, or simply on the wall of the hallway as a way of adding some decoration.

#6. Etch designs on walls of mirrors.


You may have a wall or a closet door that needs a new and refreshed look. Creating a wall made of mirror glass can be absolutely beautiful. Rather than having the monotony of just glass, however, you can have the glass etched with the design. For example, you may want to have the design of a tree, leaves, or even a fleur de lys etched as a way of matching the personality of the room.

#7. Use a full length mirror as a runner.


Forget about the cloth runners down the center of your dining room table. Instead, you can use a full length mirror to place on the table. You can then decorated with glass, flower vases, and much more. The primary benefit is that it will be extremely easy to clean. The secondary benefit is that it’s going to add a luxurious look to your dining room.

There are plenty of creative ideas to incorporate into your home. Mirrors are absolutely gorgeous, and they can be customized however you desire so that you can ensure you have a beautiful look within your home. Remember, mirrors do not have to be used solely in bathrooms. They are capable of so much more.

Custom mirrors can offer even more choices for decorating your home and it is easier than you might think to find the custom mirror you are looking for.

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