3 Ways to Increase The Security Of Your Windows


There are many threats facing your windows. The steps you take to protect them will determine how vulnerable you are to these risks. Take into account these three factors of window security, and make sure that your windows are better protected.

1. Impact Resistance

Despite what most people think about window glass, it does not have to be fragile. It is true that most standard windows have non-impact glass installed, but there is a significant difference between impact windows and non-impact windows. With impact resistance, you are getting more security. The glass is less likely to break from the harsh weather, animal activity, and a burglar’s forced entry attempts.

Once a window is broken, there is a way to enter the home. Standard glass is more likely to shatter almost completely after an impact, opposed to only having puncture points, scuffs, or cracking. With impact windows, you are stealing time from any would-be burglars and giving yourself more time for yourself or the authorities, to respond. Even if your windows were not installed with impact resistant glass, you can purchase aftermarket security film. These products can vary in quality, with the weakest resisting shallow cuts and the strongest not shattering after being shot with a gun.

2. Maintenance/Replacement

There are many signs that you need replace your windows. One of the most dangerous for your security is also one of the most seemingly innocuous. When your window is either sticking shut or will not fully shut, this increase the chance of an attempted break-in. When a window will not fully close, they are visibly insecure to anyone scoping out your property. Less obviously, a window that sticks shut is also a bad for your security, as residents will be less likely to close it knowing that it will be hard to open back up. This keeps windows open when it would be safer to close them.

Besides replacement, some of these issues can be handled by calling a professional to fix your windows. Leaving anything broken on a window is bad for your security. This is especially true if the glass itself needs to be replaced due to shattering or breaks. Obviously compromised windows are a prime target for criminals. The newer and well maintained a window looks, the more discouraged a burglar will be to even approach.

3. Locks & Lock Proximity

One of the factors that really puts a window in danger is the type of locks it uses and the locks used around it. If a thief can see a lock through the window, and it is within arms reach from outside the home, they are more likely to break the window. That is why it is important to have the proper locks installed.

Impact resistance will prevent an easy entrance, but anything will break eventually. When parts of the glass begin to break, criminals will still be able to reach through and manipulate locks. That is why it is so important to have keyed locks next to windows. The use of a thumb-turn deadbolt or latch locks by windows compromises the security of the window. If you are not using keyed cylinders, you should consider changing your locks to something more secure.


If your windows are protected against forced entry, criminals are less likely to break in through the glass. Maintenance will make sure that your windows have a full range of functionality. From there you need to make sure that the locks around the window glass do not advertise a vulnerability. With these three safety measures in place, your windows will be incredibly secure. However, there is still more that you can do to protect your windows. Get started today and have a safer tomorrow.

This post was written by Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety, offering tips, advice, and how-tos for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom With A Frameless Glass Shower Door


The old standard was a bathtub/shower combo with a shower curtain on rings. The problem with this early shower method is that shower curtains inevitably leak and their liners get moldy, since they rarely have time to dry out completely. The only stylish thing about the set up was the shower curtain, and even that was a “maybe” situation.

Next came the sliding glass door attached to the bathtub via an aluminum channel. Better looking, but that darned channel seemed to collect “gunk” like nobody’s business and was not exactly a breeze to clean either!

Enter, the frameless glass shower door, superior in so many ways. They’re sleek and modern with thicker glass, and a whole heck of a lot easier to keep clean with no track to worry about! You can even have them “customized” to open from the right or from the left, whichever works best in your bathroom. And best of all — they look downright gorgeous! If you need proof, take a look at the following 6 links to rooms that would be okay without their frameless shower doors, but earn the “Wow” factor with them:


  1. Not only does this frameless shower door add elegance and modernity to this bathroom, but it lets additional light into the room via the in-shower window. The same applies to this small bathroom, which might feel a bit claustrophobic without the light from the window coming through the sleek frameless door. When a room is small, keeping the look clean-lined and modern makes the space feel larger, too.
  2. The expanse of glass around this shower with its frameless door maintains continuity and adds a sense of calm to this monochromatic bathroom.
  3. This modern bathroom is the epitome of luxury with its frameless glass shower, arched window with etching, and an etched glass entry door. The funky chandelier doesn’t hurt the ritzy feeling either!
  4. A tiny shower benefits from the use of a pivoting glass shower door’s ability make it seem larger.
  5. Proving its versatility, a corner shower with a frameless glass door looks right at home in a vintage bathroom, too. They work in traditional and even rustic settings too, lest you imagine that a modern bathroom is the only place they’ll look “right”.
  6. One of the best things about a frameless glass shower door is that it shows off the beautiful interiors of many of today’s showers, such as this one with marble inlay, allowing a clear, unobstructed view.

Picture of wooden details in luxury bathroom

It’s worth noting that the frameless glass shower doors shown in the links above are the pivoting variety, meaning they open just like a regular door. You can also get a bypass frameless door, which are simply sliding sheets of glass that allow entrance into a shower or shower/tub combo. And you can upgrade either option with etching for a frosted effect if you prefer a little privacy in the shower.

If you’re considering a frameless shower door, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can install one yourself. This is project that is not a DIY weekend job. For one thing, they’re heavy (up to 70 lbs.) and difficult to install. Considering that they’re an investment, installation is definitely a job for a professional.

As you can see, frameless glass shower doors allow for more creative layouts than framed shower doors, and since they’re cut to size, you get a custom fit instead of having to limit yourself to stock sizes. They have a distinctive visual appeal that makes any bathroom look more stylish and beautiful! If you’re renovating a bathroom or planning one for a newly built home, they’re definitely an asset worth considering for turning a “nice” bathroom into an outstanding one!


A storefront designed to look historic

5 Ways Your Customers’ Experience Can Be Enhanced With Storefront Windows

If you own a small business with a storefront, you know that your storefront window is the first thing people are going to encounter that tells them what your business is like.  Here are five ways you can make sure to enhance your customers’ experience with that storefront window.

Give them a taste of what’s inside

Design amazing storefronts with Shiver Glass
When you relate your storefront to your business, it helps ensure that the people who want to use your business are the ones who are attracted inside.  Make sure your storefront shows people what they can expect.
The storefront at Ferragamo shows us not examples of what they sell, but in a format that is exciting and unusual.  The shoe shape and design draws the customer into the window, and the actual shoes pull the customer into the store.

Give them a story

Create a retail story with Shiver GlassNothing draws people in like telling them a story.  When you set up a story in your windows, people will stop, giving your store the advantage of capturing their attention. Rigby and Peller’s elegant storefront has not only an architectural draw, but the display is one that tells a story, and leaves the customer to fill in the holes and create a story as well. Fendi gives passersby a snapshot of a story (while also allowing customers to see inside the store).

Give them a view

givecustomersaviewofyourstoreWhether you give them layers of item to see that expresses something important, or you give them a direct view of the store itself, you’ll be able to tell people what you want them to know.  Allowing people to see into the store itself allows customers to anticipate what they will experience when they enter. The nearly floor-to-ceiling paned storefront windows at Aurelie Bidermann are used to do a sparing display which allows customers to see inside. Dille & Kamille offers customers a direct view to the interior.  The large-scale exterior complements the busy, detailed interior.

Give them a colorful experience

Colorful Retail Storefronts by ShiverGlassPeople are automatically attracted to color.  Want to have your customers enter your store in a particular frame of mind?  Believe it or not, color can affect people’s mood.  According to the Huffington Post, there really is something to red being exciting and blue being calming.  Use that information to predetermine what kind of mood your customers will be in as they begin their shopping experience with your business. Anthropologie’s paper butterfly storefront is sure to bring people in the store in a bright, happy mood.  Yellow says spring and energy. Luis Vuitton‘s storefront employs storytelling along with vibrant red and orange colors, enticing people to enter in an excited mood.

Give them something architectural

A storefront designed to look historicAn unusual architectural design can give your customers an immediate connection to the kind of business you have. An elegant business calls for elegance in storefront window design.  This upscale holiday rental business presents beautiful lines to the public.  Curved glass adds to the feeling of elegance. Chanel’s distinctively patterned windows ensure that customers already know where they are. The high arched windows in this streamline storefront allow the focus to be on what is inside. 

Your storefront is the beginning of your contact with customers.  Be sure it gives people the first impression you are hoping for.  Starting with an architectural design that inspires and is inspired by your business allows you to take whatever direction you prefer.  There are many options to choose from as far as setting the stage for enticing your customers and getting them into the frame of mind you desire.  Whether you tell a story, say it with color, give them a view, or some combination of all of these, your customers will enter with an expectation of your store that you can then supply.

Strategically places mirrors can help you home feel open

Using Mirrors to Design Amazing Interiors

A mirror can provide answers to all sorts of interior design dilemmas. It can be traditionally framed and hung, used as a backsplash in a kitchen, used in multiples to cover a wall, and much more. Everybody knows that aside from its intended use as a place to groom or check your outfit, a mirror makes a small space look bigger. But that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of using mirrors in interior design. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Follow the links below to rooms (courtesy of Houzz) that use mirrors in ways you may never have imagined to solve a multitude of problems and to enhance natural light …

Mirrors For Dark or Confined Spaces

Ways to use mirrors in dark spaces

A mirror and a hallway are a match made in heaven. That’s because, of course, hallways are narrow and confining spaces and mirrors make them look larger. They also have a tendency to be on the dark side. Mirrors reflect light, making a dark space look brighter, especially if you use white or light-colored paint on the walls. You can also place them so they reflect something beautiful in the hallway, whether that’s a piece of art on the wall or a beautiful vase of flowers. Clever use of mirrors make a tiny, windowless powder room feel less confining and brighter as it bounces light from the fixture around the room. Here again, a white background increases the light reflecting effect.

Strategically Placed Mirrors

Strategically places mirrors can help you home feel open

Strategic placement of mirrors can be used to multiply one beautiful feature in a room. In this stunning bedroom, your eye is fooled into thinking the bed is surrounded by stained glass windows. In fact the only stain glassed window in the room is the beautiful arched window behind the bed. The other “windows” are actually mirrors mounted in rows on the room’s slanted ceiling. Brilliant!. Another example of strategic reflection is this clever use of six identical mirrors mounted to resemble a window on the wall behind the sofa, giving the illusion that there’s another room beyond. One large wall-sized mirror wouldn’t have the same effect, and sometimes confuses people as to where the room actually ends.

Layering Mirrors

Layering Mirrors

Layering mirrors adds interest, dimension and utility all at the same time in this bathroom which layers a tilting mirror on top of a wall-mounted mirror and tops that off with a round magnifying mirror on an extension arm mounted on the side wall. You can also use the layering trick to create a focal point, add interest and create an intimate mood.

Using Mirrors as Art

using mirrors as art can add a great feature to your home

Custom-made or sculptural mirrors are art in and of themselves, while at the same time offering the same light-reflecting, size-enhancing features that any ordinary mirror provides. A really unusual mirror creates an immediate focal point in this living room. It literally draws your eye as soon as you enter the room. A collection of round mirrors in varying sizes create an artful statement in a contemporary hallway. Another collection of wood-framed round mirrors in varying sizes make a unique stairway art display as opposed to the usual and expected framed photo gallery. They also reflect a little light into a dark space.

Outdoor Mirrors

OutDoors Mirrors are a unique addition

A mirror placed against a dark fence reflects light and color from the garden beyond and seems almost like living art. Mirrored exterior walls reflect light from different angles, making a patio and surrounding flower beds seem more expansive. Hang a mirror low on a garden shed to reflect the garden and an interesting or beautiful garden sculpture.

There are literally hundreds of unusual ways to enhance your interior (and even your exterior!) using mirrors. All it takes is a creative imagination!

Using Etched Glass To Create Amazing Interiors

If you’ve never considered using etched glass in your home, you’re missing out on an art form that’s as useful as it is beautiful. Glass can be etched for semi or complete privacy as in a bathroom window or a shower door, or used as semi-transparent “walls” in modern settings. Glass etching is a technique used to create patterns, translucence or artistic designs on glass by applying acidic, caustic or abrasive substances to the surface of the glass. The process removes minute pieces of glass to create the desired effect.

Acid etching, also known as French embossing, has been around since the Victorian era. It was used mainly for decorating windows and doors in public houses and bars where it gave a luxurious effect to sitting areas and afforded some privacy. In the 1860’s etched glass production began on a semi-industrial scale and was often used to decorate the front doors of homes of the era. Its popularity continues today with more intricate designs tending to be used in traditional interiors and more geometric designs in modern ones. Follow the links below for a look at several creative ways people are using etched glass in today’s modern homes and achieving amazing effects with it:



  • An entire glazed wall in this bathroom affords privacy when bathing, thanks to a translucent bottom half, but lets in a flood of light during the day and views of a starry sky by night.
  • A special silvery-effect etched glass partition creates a private area for the toilet and bathtub in this transitional bathroom.
  • An artful interpretation of traditional “frosted” glass shower doors that look like giant soap bubbles in this fun modern bathroom. Notice that they’re extended to create a private space for the toilet as well.
  • A beautiful arched window built into a shower in a traditional bathroom becomes even more extraordinary with a whimsical design etched into the glass.



Partitions and Walls


  • In a modern-style living room, an etched glass “wall” or partition defines the main circulation zone and disguises a stairwell. It also provides diffused light and helps contain sound within the room.
  • Etched glass framed in black serves as a half-wall for a loft space.
  • An artful etched glass wall in this hallway creates beautiful patterns on the opposite wall.



  • An intricate tree pattern is etched into barn-style sliding glass doors that separate a modern dining room from the living room in this modern home.
  • A tropical entry door etched with banana leaves gives a whimsical nod to its island setting.
  • An Asian-style entry is uses etched glass to achieve a traditional Japanese shoji screen effect.

You may wonder about using etched glass for walls from a safety standpoint. These are usually made of tempered glass, a toughened form of glass which is stronger than standard plate-glass, and which breaks into small granular pieces rather than long sharp shards which could cause serious injury. Tempered glass is regularly used in a number of demanding applications such as passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables and even glass stair treads. It’s also a component in bullet-proof glass for armored vehicles. Tempering puts the outer surfaces of the glass into compression and the inner surfaces into tension, which toughens the glass and causes the safer breaking pattern.

Etched glass is sometimes pricey, but the benefits of added light, an open, airy look and interesting and unexpected applications make it worth the investment!

5 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

As cooler temperatures start rolling in, you may be wondering if your windows are as efficient as they could be. Now is the perfect time to start replacing your dated and worn out windows. If you’re still not sure whether your windows make the cut, here are 5 warning signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

1. Your Home is Drafty


  • While windows do let in a small amount of air, a noticeable draft points to signs that your windows should be replaced. As years go on, windows naturally deteriorate and let in more air.
  • Perhaps you have wooden windows that have warped due to exposure to moisture. This kind of problem can’t be fixed with caulking or weather-stripping, as the warped wood has created gaps leading outside.
  • If there are cracks in the window frame or panes, quick-fixes simply won’t do the trick. If you can feel a draft, it’s time to say goodbye to your old windows and have new ones installed. 


2. You Notice Condensation Inside the Glass


  • Sometimes with double or even triple-paned windows there comes a time where the seal fails, and water is able to accumulate in between the panes of glass. This kind of condensation can also lead to white calcium deposits on the glass.
  • When the seal has failed in this way, your windows are no longer doing their job of keeping your home warm or cool, respectively. During the summer condensation can increase, while during the cooler months frost will form on the inside of the windows.
  • One way to test if your seals have failed is to touch your windows during the summer and see if they are hot to the touch. If so, your windows are no longer properly insulated. If this sounds like your windows, it’s time to put them to rest. 


3. Windows are Hard to Open and Close


  • The first law of window replacement is: if you can’t open or close your windows, you need new ones. It’s as simple as that. 
  • Windows that don’t operate properly pose a hazard to everyone in your house. From the balance being off, windows can slam shut abruptly, which can injure you or your family. 
  • The inability to open windows at all, points to signs that the frame or locking mechanisms have either rotted or rusted. In either case, it’s time for new windows. 


4. Your Energy Bill is Really Expensive


  • If your cooling and heating costs seem to keep going up, more than likely your windows are the culprit. Older or damaged windows simply can’t be energy-efficient, and it will end up costing you big to keep them in your home. 
  • According to the Department of Energy, “If you have old or inefficient windows, it is actually more cost-effective to replace the windows entirely, rather than trying to improve their efficiency. New energy-efficient windows, pay for themselves over time as your heating and cooling costs are reduced.” 
  • Some great options for new windows are anything that has at least two panes and is ENERGY STAR labeled. 


5. You’re Ready for a Change


  • Perhaps your windows are not old or cracking. In fact you might be looking to replace them simply because it’s time for a change. 
  • A great way to revamp your windows is by installing new ones with different types of glass. One great option is glass block windows. These windows are break-resistant so they are an awesome choice for home security, but are also visually appealing and let in plenty of light. 
  • Maybe you are interested in replacing your windows because you would prefer new ones that operate in a different way. Instead of sliding windows, consider hinged or casement windows that open out. 


No matter your reasoning for replacing your windows, now is the perfect time to act! For more information on replacing your home’s windows, contact us today! 

7 Ways To Use Mirrors

7 Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Home Decorating

Use Mirrors In Your Home Decorating

Mirrors are so much more than reflective glass. They are decorative tools that can be used to create breathtaking aesthetics within your home. You don’t want to go with the same boring reparations that everyone else is using. Mirrors have been used for decorating walls and living spaces for centuries, and here are some fun ways for you to use them in your home.

#1. Collage of mirrors.


Get creative with a wall. Rather than buying expensive artwork that may not have any kind of meaning to you, you can create a collage with small mirrors. You may want to try a variety of different sizes of a single shape, such as squares, circles, or even trapezoids.

#2. Place a large mirror within the opening of your fireplace.


During the months of the year when you are not going to be using your fireplace, place a large mirror in the opening. You can then place candles in the front as a way of creating a beautiful light show. It won’t generate as much heat, but you can still utilize the beautiful feature that you have within your home.

#3. Create a “Window”


You may not have as many windows in your home as you would like. Special placing of mirrors on the opposite wall of the window can help to provide a reflection of the outdoors. It will make the space look a lot larger, and potentially add in more sunlight as well.

#4. Have a mirrored table made.


There are plenty of glass and wooden coffee tables. You can stand out and have a mirrored reflection instead, which can add beauty and make it a conversation piece. If you have a coffee table with a piece of glass already, you can simply replace it with the mirror. Following some dos and don’ts with furniture design can go a long way.

#5. Frame a mirror.


You may have a very specific style within your home, whether it is Renaissance, New Age, modern, or anything else. You can choose a picture frame from that style and then frame a mirror. This can be used within your home as a vanity mirror, above your dresser in your bedroom, or simply on the wall of the hallway as a way of adding some decoration.

#6. Etch designs on walls of mirrors.


You may have a wall or a closet door that needs a new and refreshed look. Creating a wall made of mirror glass can be absolutely beautiful. Rather than having the monotony of just glass, however, you can have the glass etched with the design. For example, you may want to have the design of a tree, leaves, or even a fleur de lys etched as a way of matching the personality of the room.

#7. Use a full length mirror as a runner.


Forget about the cloth runners down the center of your dining room table. Instead, you can use a full length mirror to place on the table. You can then decorated with glass, flower vases, and much more. The primary benefit is that it will be extremely easy to clean. The secondary benefit is that it’s going to add a luxurious look to your dining room.

There are plenty of creative ideas to incorporate into your home. Mirrors are absolutely gorgeous, and they can be customized however you desire so that you can ensure you have a beautiful look within your home. Remember, mirrors do not have to be used solely in bathrooms. They are capable of so much more.

Custom mirrors can offer even more choices for decorating your home and it is easier than you might think to find the custom mirror you are looking for.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Old Sliding Glass Door with French Doors

In older homes, sliding glass doors are often a drain on energy efficiency. Before energy efficient doors and windows became the standard, sliding glass doors, especially those installed in the wrong direction, were often like having little to no barrier from the outside. Replacing old sliding glass doors not only adds aesthetic beauty to your home, but also saves money by improving a home’s energy efficiency. Choosing French doors to replace your bulky sliding glass doors offers numerous benefits.


1. Improved Function – Although your sliding glass door may be 6 foot wide, in reality, it only provides a maximum of 3 foot of open space. The problem is even worse if your sliding glass door is only 5 foot wide. On the other hand, 6 foot French doors, allow both doors to be fully opened. This means your 6 foot door, provides a full 6 foot of open space providing sufficient space for moving large items or just allowing greater access to your home. Furthermore, unlike sliding glass doors that are extremely heavy and prone to troublesome openings due to relying on rollers that wear out and become clogged with debris, French doors are easy to open, clean, and require little maintenance.


2. Increase Safety – Hinged French doors offer a large improvement in safety over the typical sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors operate on tracks and rollers. Unfortunately, these are can be one of the easiest entry point for criminals into your home. By simply prying the sliding door off of the rollers, a burglar is able to remove the entire door panel. An experienced thief can complete this process in just a couple of minutes. French doors, especially those that swing out, are extremely difficult to pry open or kick in. To further the protection properties, you can add a multi-point locking system that engages three points automatically when the handle is pulled up. Many French doors are also made with thicker glass than the standard sliding glass door.


3. Energy Efficiency – Today’s French doors offer tremendous energy efficiency. French doors are made of high performance fiberglass that is Low E. The glass is over 1 inch thick and at least double paned and in some cases triple paned. The solar heat transmission of French doors with Low E glass is almost 4 times better than the average sliding glass door unit. On top of that, French doors have weather stripping that tightly seals the door making penetration from outside air and water nearly impossible. Unlike an average sliding glass door that fails to block temperature changes, fiberglass French doors prevent large temperature shifts in your homes interior due to outside weather changes.

Replacing outdated sliding glass doors improves the look of your home and offers money saving benefits. Many homeowners dream of replacing their bulky sliding glass doors and are greatly enticed by the number of attractive and efficient options to choose from. However, it should be noted that installing doors is a complicated business and faulty installation can lead to greater inefficiency than the original door. Having a professional in your corner to help select the correct doors for your home and properly install them is vital to receiving the largest return on your investment.

With numerous options to choose from, such as wood grain interiors and decorative hardware, an experienced professional will guide you through the process from beginning to end, so don’t delay. Now, is the time to get rid of that outdated sliding patio door. Choosing a fiberglass French patio door that brings out your personal style, saves you money, and helps to better protect your family. For more style inspiration, check out many of the professionally installed doors in the galleries on houzz.com.

Window Treatments: The Various Types

Windows are the eyes into and out of a home. They discreetly sit around a home and can sometimes give the impression that they are not that important. This is far from true. How you treat and dress your windows can either add value and beauty to your home or detract from its appearance. To help guide you through the process of appropriately treating your windows, here is a guide to some of the most popular types of blinds, drapes, and other window treatments:

macro_cordlock_diningroomMetal Blinds: Metal blinds are usually the most economical choice (followed closely by wood blinds). This aluminum window treatment is a long-lasting solution, with a durability that far surpasses other options. You will often find metal blinds that come in a variety of colors and can be mounted inside or outside the window frame–inside the window frame gives it a built-in look; outside the window frame creates a larger and more dramatic appearance.  


  • Valances and Cornices: First to discuss the difference. A cornice is a hard window top treatment, which is upholstered with fabric taut. A valance is just a short window treatment that goes at the top of the window. The fabric usually hangs loose on a valance. The benefits of these two window treatments are two-fold. First, there is better light blockage. Second, they offer a clean and unique look. These are often constructed with wood and can be covered with any fabric.


  • Drapery Hardware: This includes all of the rods, rings, tracks, finials and more. You can get all of these pieces in just about any metal, from stainless steel and gun-metal to satin brass and antique bronze. They come in lots of unique styles and designs to fit with any decor. In addition, all of these window treatment hardware pieces will work with rod pocket drapery, goblet, grommet, inverted pleat, pinch pleat, tailored pleat, cubicle draper, ripple fold and other drapery styles. 

First Shots (Not retouched)

  • Vertical Blinds: This is a newer, more modern look. The innovative alternative is particularly useful in covering wide areas and it has a very simple and durable functionality, but it is also one of the more expensive window treatment solutions. These are available in many different materials and colors, and varying thicknesses allow for a varying amount of privacy. (Bonus tip: these also serve as excellent room dividers).


  • Wood Blinds: These are classic. You can use many different grains, finishes and stains that give the wood blinds the perfect tone to match your home. You can go for a long-lasting and basic wood, a faux or foamwood (innumerable benefits, including price and moisture, mildew and warping resistance), painted wood, bamboo, laminated wood, high gloss wood. or exotic wood. 


  • Custom Drapes: Drapes are timeless and, because any fabric can be used, can go with anything and everything. Another advantage to drapes is that you can easily change them throughout the year–no screwdrivers or hammers needed. When choosing drapes, besides the fabric you want, you’ll also need to decided how you would like them to hang. Several traditional drape styles include rod pocket, cubicle, goblet, inverted pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, tailored pleat and ripple fold. (Bonus tip: if you really want something special, get an artisan to design a fabric specifically for you and your family)

Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing one or moving into one, there are lots of design choices to make. Overwhelming and important decisions can get cast aside or lost in the mix. Don’t let your window treatments get thrown into that category. Think of your windows like pieces of art; frame them and your guests will take special notice. 

Mirrors for Your Dance Studio

If you own a dance studio, you likely think about mirrors a lot more than the average person. Whether you are cleaning tiny fingerprints off your wall of reflection, rolling away a set of Mylar mirrors, or daydreaming about the day you can afford some, reflections probably play a big role in your career.

If you are a dance studio owner looking for information on mirrors, this is just the article for you. In this post we will cover the basics of who should purchase mirrors, why they should do so, and more.

Who should consider purchasing studio mirrors?


Any studio without mirrors should definitely be looking in to purchasing some. Besides these folks, other people who may want to think about buying high-quality mirrors are those who are currently relying on Mylar roll-away mirrors or cheap, household mirrors for their studio needs.

Why should Mylar and household mirrors be replaced?


While the cheaper, temporary types of mirrors may have served you well this far, they are not as sturdy as the gym-grade, high-quality options out there. Household mirrors could easily fall and shatter, causing issues with injury and possible lawsuits. Mylar mirrors simply don’t work well after some time and tend to acquire holes, scrapes, and spots that cannot be removed, leading to an unprofessional look in the studio.

For these reasons, Mylar and household mirrors should be replaced with quality glass as soon as possible. 

Why should a new studio invest in mirrors?

dance studio mirrors wholesale
dance studio mirrors wholesale

Dancers must see themselves in order to see what to improve. Without a reflection showing them what they are doing wrong, your students will have a much more difficult time advancing in their dancing and have a higher chance of acquiring an injury due to poor form.

Besides the benefits mirrors will offer your pupils, mirrors can also help your teachers perform their very best in class. Teaching a class full of young children is difficult enough as it is. Without a mirror to work with, teachers are forced to be constantly turning back and forth to demonstrate and check on a dancer’s form and execution.

Mirrors allow instructors to do both the demonstrating and the observing simultaneously.

Who should install gym-grade mirrors?


Heavy dance studio mirrors should always be installed by a professional in order to ensure they are mounted securely. Improperly installed mirrors pose a danger to your dancers. When professionals install your studio mirrors you can rest easy knowing your pupils are safe in their classes, no matter how close to the mirrors they happen to stand.

How should professionally installed mirrors be cared for?


Sometimes it seems like the youngest students in your studio can’t help but touch the mirrors. Fortunately, caring for high-quality mirrors is as simple as wiping them down with a glass cleaning solution. Additionally, you will be able to clean your high-quality, professionally installed mirrors without the fear of them falling on you or others in the room. Clearly, this is a huge bonus when cleaning must happen on a daily basis. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to have high-quality, professionally installed mirrors in your studio. Because these reasons are important to the success of your business, this is one job you will want to have done as soon as possible.

If you are ready to have mirrors installed in your studio space, we would be thrilled to discuss your needs so we can provide you with the best possible product and service for your business.

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