Mirrors for Your Dance Studio

If you own a dance studio, you likely think about mirrors a lot more than the average person. Whether you are cleaning tiny fingerprints off your wall of reflection, rolling away a set of Mylar mirrors, or daydreaming about the day you can afford some, reflections probably play a big role in your career.

If you are a dance studio owner looking for information on mirrors, this is just the article for you. In this post we will cover the basics of who should purchase mirrors, why they should do so, and more.

Who should consider purchasing studio mirrors?


Any studio without mirrors should definitely be looking in to purchasing some. Besides these folks, other people who may want to think about buying high-quality mirrors are those who are currently relying on Mylar roll-away mirrors or cheap, household mirrors for their studio needs.

Why should Mylar and household mirrors be replaced?


While the cheaper, temporary types of mirrors may have served you well this far, they are not as sturdy as the gym-grade, high-quality options out there. Household mirrors could easily fall and shatter, causing issues with injury and possible lawsuits. Mylar mirrors simply don’t work well after some time and tend to acquire holes, scrapes, and spots that cannot be removed, leading to an unprofessional look in the studio.

For these reasons, Mylar and household mirrors should be replaced with quality glass as soon as possible. 

Why should a new studio invest in mirrors?

dance studio mirrors wholesale
dance studio mirrors wholesale

Dancers must see themselves in order to see what to improve. Without a reflection showing them what they are doing wrong, your students will have a much more difficult time advancing in their dancing and have a higher chance of acquiring an injury due to poor form.

Besides the benefits mirrors will offer your pupils, mirrors can also help your teachers perform their very best in class. Teaching a class full of young children is difficult enough as it is. Without a mirror to work with, teachers are forced to be constantly turning back and forth to demonstrate and check on a dancer’s form and execution.

Mirrors allow instructors to do both the demonstrating and the observing simultaneously.

Who should install gym-grade mirrors?


Heavy dance studio mirrors should always be installed by a professional in order to ensure they are mounted securely. Improperly installed mirrors pose a danger to your dancers. When professionals install your studio mirrors you can rest easy knowing your pupils are safe in their classes, no matter how close to the mirrors they happen to stand.

How should professionally installed mirrors be cared for?


Sometimes it seems like the youngest students in your studio can’t help but touch the mirrors. Fortunately, caring for high-quality mirrors is as simple as wiping them down with a glass cleaning solution. Additionally, you will be able to clean your high-quality, professionally installed mirrors without the fear of them falling on you or others in the room. Clearly, this is a huge bonus when cleaning must happen on a daily basis. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to have high-quality, professionally installed mirrors in your studio. Because these reasons are important to the success of your business, this is one job you will want to have done as soon as possible.

If you are ready to have mirrors installed in your studio space, we would be thrilled to discuss your needs so we can provide you with the best possible product and service for your business.

Please contact us at Windows, Mirrors, and Doors so we can get started in improving your classes right away. 

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