When do you call a professional to fix your windows?

What do you need to know about windows? You have them, you like to look out of them, you know you need to clean them occasionally, but is there something else you really need to know? Aren’t windows one of those things you can take for granted? Probably not. Let’s look at some window basics.

When Do I Call a Professional? 


Replacing Screens- This is a repair that many homeowners can do on their own. See our blog for instructions. There’s also window screen repair kits available online and at Home Depot. However, if you are concerned about your ability to do this, or you are having difficulty matching the screening to other doors and windows in your home seek professionals to help you match styles and create a beautiful exterior.



Painting- Not all window and door frames can be painted. When you have your windows and doors installed, discuss this with your installation specialist. Vinyl frames cannot be painted so you will want to choose a color that will work for you long-term. If you try to paint over the vinyl the paint will peel, quickly, leaving a mess and unattractive windows. You’ll also have to keep in mind matching the color to the rest of the room, making sure it won’t warp over time, and properly sanding the surface beforehand. Its doable but we can definitely make it easier and less problematic.


Broken Glass- When glass in a window gets broken, it is important that the replacement glass is correctly installed to assure a proper seal and matching look. If you use glass treated differently, such as a lack of a UV layer, when other windows are UV treated, untreated windows mar the aesthetics of your home. The way light enters the home is changed, creating a difference in indoor lighting and supplemental lighting needs, as well. Here we recommend having a professional look into reinstalling the window because of potential damage to the frame, the wall, and making sure the replacement window is up to par.


Warped or Ill-Fitting Frames- Always be sure your windows are covered by good guarantees. Hiring installers authorized for the products they install means you won’t need to worry about defects in your windows. This is not where you want to try to save a few bucks as it will usually mean long-term expenses you should not have to deal with.  There’s often internal and structure damage that will not only come back but keep causing more problems – water, humidity, poor fitting, and pests.

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  1. Gregory Willard Reply

    I had no idea that so much went into repairing windows. It’s interesting that not having a UV filter can affect the look of the glass. I know that I wouldn’t want to have one window look different from the others on my house.

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