Windows And The Weather: 6 Ways To Cut Your Cooling Costs

With the weather heating up and summer well on its way, your air conditioner is probably already humming. Meanwhile, you’re probably not looking forward to your summer cooling bill!

With that in mind, we thought we’d offer some suggestions on how your windows can help keep your home a little cooler this year. Yes, we’re talking about those large expanses of glass that let in all that glorious Miami sunshine along with those stunning views. Here are 6 ways your windows can help cut cooling costs:

1. Chalk and weather-stripping

We always hear about the benefits of using chalk and weather-stripping to keep homes warmer in the winter. However, they’re equally important when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. If you can feel a draft around your window on a breezy day, then you’re inviting hot air into your home.

2. Install window films

These transparent, metallic films reflect heat away from the glass and out of your home. Since they only work on closed windows, they’re a great option for those big picture windows that give you such fantastic views and way too much heat!

3. Swap out your screens

Solar screens can intercept up to 70% of the sun’s heat before it can even get into your nice, cool home. According to the Department of Energy, these ‘cool’ screens are most effective on the east and west sides of your house.

Unlike the window films listed above, window screens do their job even when you leave your windows open. And, just like regular screens, they keep out those annoying insects, too!

4. Install awnings, louvers, or shutters

These exterior window coverings work by shading your windows so the excess sunlight never makes its way inside. According to the Consumer Energy Center, “A properly installed awning can reduce heat gain in your home up to 65 percent on southern windows and as much as 77 percent on eastern and western windows.”

5. Block that view

If there’s nobody around to enjoy the view, then keep the curtains closed. The same goes for blinds, shades, or other window coverings. Keeping them closed during the day results in significantly less solar gain. Highly reflective blinds and light-colored curtains or drapes reflect even more heat.

6. Replace your windows

Yes, we know replacing your windows is an expensive process. However, installing new, high-performance windows can dramatically reduce your cooling bills. These state-of-the-art windows feature double (or even triple!) paned glass and low-E coatings. Couple them with highly insulated frames and warm-edge technology for the best possible energy savings.

You can even choose ‘smart windows’ that go from totally clear to completely opaque whenever you choose! For more information about these dynamic, high-performance windows, check out this article.

Well, there you have them – 6 ways your windows can help lower your cooling bill. Now you can spend less time worrying about your cooling costs and more time enjoying that glorious Miami sunshine!

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